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Was your ancestor a non-medical member of hospital staff?

Records for other types of staff, eg. administrative, support, domestic, etc. tend to be restricted to salaries and wages books which have very limited use.  Senior appointments and resignations such as chaplain, managers, etc, may be recorded in the minutes of the hospital and possibly in the Annual Reports.  There are exceptions, however, and the main ones are listed below:

Hospital Reference Description
Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children LHB5/36 Staff: Individuals, 1876-1946
Royal Edinburgh Hospital LHB7/30 Staff Registers, 1871-1971 (includes cook, maids and attendants)
  LHB7/32 Staff Records, 1910-1974
Elsie Inglis Memorial Maternity Hospital LHB 8A/23 Staff Registers, 1919-1988
Edinburgh Dental Hospital And School LHB25/8a Papers relating to staff, their predecessors and associates, 1798-1992
Rosslynlee Hospital LHB33/14 Staff and Salaries Records, 1898-1949
Gogarburn Hospital LHB36/13 Staff Records, 1930-1977
Bangour Village Hospital LHB44/8 Staff Records, 1904-1969

Please note that personnel records created within the last 100 years are covered by the Data Protection Act 1998.

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