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NHS Hospitals and Administrative Bodies

The dates after the title indicate the covering dates of the records held.  They do not indicate the dates of the administrative unit.

LHB1 Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1727-2013
LHB2 Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and Associated Hospitals Board of Management, 1948-1990
LHB3/3A Edinburgh Royal Maternity Hospital and Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion, 1768-2000


Chalmers Hospital, 1861-1990
LHB5/5A Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children, 1859-1992
LHB6 Leith Hospital, 1846-2008
LHB7 Royal Edinburgh Hospital, 1791-2003
LHB8/8A Bruntsfield Hospital and Elsie Inglis Memorial Maternity Hospital, 1879-1989
LHB9 Board of Management of Edinburgh Southern Hospitals, 1948-1974
LHB10 Board of Management of Edinburgh Royal Victoria and Associated Hospitals, 1948-1987
LHB11 Board of Management of Edinburgh Northern Hospitals, 1948-1974
LHB12 Deaconess Hospital, 1894-1963
LHB13 Western General Hospital, 1930-2010
LHB14 Board of Management of Royal Edinburgh and Associated Hospitals, c1947-1976
LHB15 Edinburgh Foot Clinic and School of Chiropody, 1852-1984
LHB16 Public Health Department of the City of Edinburgh, 1865-1997


Board of Management of East Lothian Hospitals, 1948-1974
LHB18 Dunbar Cottage Hospital, 1919-1949
LHB19 Alderston Convalescent Home, 1939-1956
LHB20 Knoll Maternity Hospital, 1948
LHB21 Roodlands General Hospital, 1949-1973
LHB22 Vert Memorial Hospital, 1944-1979
LHB23 City Hospital, 1887-1994
LHB24 Primary Care Division, Lothian Health Board, 1897-1982
LHB25 Edinburgh Dental Hospital and School, 1862-1992
LHB26 Edinburgh Local Medical Committee, 1946-1984
LHB27 North Lothian District, Lothian Health Board, 1973-1984
LHB28 South Lothian District, Lothian Health Board, 1974-1984
LHB29 Board of Management of Edinburgh Central Hospitals, 1941-1980
LHB30 Princess Margaret Rose Orthopaedic Hospital, 1926-c1990
LHB31 Hospital for Diseases of Women Edinburgh, 1909-1948
LHB32 Eye Ear and Throat Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1914-1947
LHB33 Rosslynlee Hospital, 1870-1989
LHB34 Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Incurables, 1874-1970
LHB35 Astley Ainslie Hospital, 1876-1983
LHB36 Gogarburn Hospital, 1915-1999
LHB37 Lothian Health Board, 1912-2009
LHB38 South Eastern Regional Hospital Board Scotland, 1946-1994
LHB39 East Fortune Hospital, 1922-1979
LHB40 Bangour General Hospital, 1939-1990s
LHB41 Royal Victoria Dispensary, Hospital and Tuberculosis Trust, 1891-1989
LHB42 Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and Associated Hospitals Unit, 1974-1994
LHB43 Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh NHS Trust, 1994-1999
LHB44 Bangour Village Hospital, 1859-2004
LHB45 Lothian Health Board HIV/AIDS Management Team and Health Promotion Department, 1984-2010
LHB46 Lothian University Hospitals NHS Trust, 1999-2003
LHB47 Herdmanflat Hospital, 1866-1982
LHB48 Eastern General Hospital, 1949-1998
LHB49 Edinburgh Healthcare NHS Trust, 1969-2001
LHB50 Lothian Health Council, 1987-2005
LHB51 West Lothian NHS Trust, 1990s
LHB52 Edenhall Hospital, 1947-1965

Health Management Library and Information Service, NHS National Services Scotland, 2003-2018

LHB54 Lothian Area Medical Committee and Lothian Local Medical Committee, 1973-1989
LHB55 Lothian Area Dental Committee, 1973-1989
LHB56 NHS Lothian, 2001-2010
LHB57 County of Haddington, 1913-1949
LHB58 The East and Midlothian NHS Trust, 1998-1999
LHB59 NHS Lothian - University Hospitals Division, 2004-2005
LHB60 New Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Project
LHB61 Western General Hospitals NHS Trust, 1993-1998
LHB62 Western General Hospitals Unit, 1993-1994
LHB63 Rosslynlee and Haddington Mental Hospitals Board of Management, 1949-1962
LHB64 St John's Hospital, 1971-2002
LHB65 West Lothian Healthcare NHS Trust, 1988-2006
LHB66 West Lothian Hospitals Board of Management, 1908-1975
LHB67 West Lothian Unit, 1987-1992
LHB68 St Michael's Hospital, Linlithgow, 1859-1994
LHB69 West Lothian District, Lothian Health Board, 1961-1995