The NHS in Lothian

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Before the NHS and Creation of the NHS 1948

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A History of the NHS: A New National Health Service in Scotland

"Your Health Service, How it Will Work in Scotland", leaflet

Dawn of a New Era, online exhibition

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"Health and Industrial Efficiency.  Scottish Experiment in Social Medicine", article from British Journal of Industrial Medicine 1 (1944), p 79.

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South East Regional Health Board 1948-1974

Lothian Health Board 1974-1992

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Records of South Eastern Regional Hospital Board (LHSA Ref: LHB38)

Records of Lothian Health Board (LHSA Ref: LHB37)

Lothian Health Board 1993

Lothian Health 1994-2001

NHS Lothian 2001-2010

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NHS Lothian

Reference Sources:

NHS Lothian "Connections Magazine", 2004-2010 (LHSA Ref: LHB37)

Records of Lothian Health Board (LHSA Ref: LHB37)

Records of NHS Lothian (LHSA Ref: LHB56)