The NHS in Lothian

NHS Lothian (2001-2010)

Records of NHS Lothian (2001-2009)

In 2001, the organisation was re-named ‘NHS Lothian’ and a new board, Lothian NHS Board (a unified board) was created. NHS Lothian consisted of: Lothian University Hospitals Trust (LUHT), West Lothian Hospitals Trust (WLHT), Lothian Primary Care Trust (LPCT)and the new Lothian NHS Board.

In March 2003, the NHS white paper ‘Partnership for Care’ was published. This recommended the dissolution of NHS trusts and a move to a single system with decision making taken at local level. Contracts were transferred from various trusts and boards to NHS Lothian. This resulted in the dissolution of the trusts; on 1 January 2004, LUHT dissolved to become an operating division of Lothian NHS Board, known as NHS Lothian – University Hospitals Division. On 1 April 2004 WLHT and LPCT were also dissolved to become operating divisions of Lothian NHS Board, known as West Lothian Healthcare Division and NHS Lothian – Primary Care Division respectively.

In March 2005, it was decided that the operating divisions would cease (with the exception of UHD) with the introduction of a single system. In April 2005, Community Health Partnerships (CHPs) were introduced with responsibility for primary and community health services. There were initially five of them:

  • East Lothian CHP
  • Midlothian CHP
  • North Edinburgh CHP
  • South Edinburgh CHP
  • West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership

In April 2007 North and South Edinburgh CHPs were merged to form Edinburgh CHP.

In 2010, NHS Lothian incorporated three principal health organisations:

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Organisations Role Sites/Divisions
Lothian NHS Board To protect and improve the health of the people of Lothian and plan services for the local population.  In this work, NHS Lothian forges links with all its partners in care, such as patients, staff, local communities and excluded groups, so that their needs and views are placed at the heart of the design and delivery of local health services.  
University Hospitals Division (UHD) UHD provides a range of acute adult and children's services to the population of Edinburgh and the Lothians, and more specialised health services for patients from all over Scotland. Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, St John's Hospital, Western General Hospital, Lauriston Building, Liberton Hospital, Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion, Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children, Royal Victoria Hospital
Community Health Partnerships (CHPs) CHPs provide a focus for the integration between primary care and specialist services, and with social care, and ensure that health improvement is placed at the heart of both service planning and delivery. Each CHP has formal partnership arrangements with hospital, local authority and voluntary sector colleagues, along with colleagues from other organisations, including dentistry, optometry and pharmacy. East Lothian CHP, Edinburgh CHP, Midlothian CHP, West Lothian CHP

In 2010, NHS Lothian's headquarters moved from Deaconess House at the Pleasance, to Waverley Gate, 2-4 Waterloo Place.