Dr Helen Zealley, Lothian Health Board Director of Public Health

GD25, 1964-2005


Dr Helen Zealley was the Director of Public Health (DPH) - also known as the Chief Administrative Medical Officer (CAMO) - of Lothian Health Board (LHB), which later became NHS Lothian. Her papers were collected or created throughout her role as DPH, from the 1970s until she retired in 2000. Therefore the collection covers a long period of time as well as an array of different subjects relating to top level management activities of LHB. Although the collection is not solely related to HIV/AIDS there is a significant part of the collection that documents Helen Zealley’s involvement as DPH in all aspects of the response to HIV/AIDS within Lothian. This collection is significant for the overview it provides of HIV/AIDS responses within public health policy and practice across the whole region. There does not appear to be another similar collection held anywhere in the UK. The collection has now been fully catalogued and conserved

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