Restrictions on Access

Access to records of a deceased individual

Records of a deceased individual are closed for 75 years (or for 100 years if they relate to a minor) as specified in Scottish Government Records Management: NHS Code of Practice (Scotland). It is possible to request access to these records, however, you must be able to provide a copy of the individual's death certificate. We will then make an application on your behalf to the NHS Lothian Caldicott Guardian. The Caldicott Guardian will make a decision granting or denying access.

Records of a deceased individual which are more than 75 years old (or 100 years if they relate to a minor) are open and accessible. However, if these records are in volumes together with confidential, closed records (such as records of children - closed for 100 years - in a register from 1930, for example), it may not be possible to hide confidential records from open ones in a physical way in the reading room.