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Digital Imaging and Copying

Permission to Reproduce Images from the Lothian Health Services Archive (LHSA) Collections

We can provide images from items in our collections, subject to various conditions.  Images are provided for private study or non-commercial research, and cannot be used for other purposes unless you request and receive written permission from LHSA to do so.

This page refers to the use of LHSA images in publication or display as specified below. It does not apply to images provided for private study or non-commercial research e.g. family or local history. If you would like copies of images for this purpose, please contact us.

We retain rights over the images of items that we own, and you will need permission from us if you wish to reproduce images from our collection in:

  • a book, journal or other printed publication
  • a website, e-book or other electronic publication
  • an exhibition panel, display poster or advertisement
  • a television programme or recording.

Terms and Conditions: Summary

Any reproduction of images from LHSA must be of a high quality.  In general, any permission granted will be on the condition that you use high-quality images provided by the Centre for Research Collections' Digital Imaging Unit, and that you acknowledge LHSA, and give the correct item reference.

Currently, we do not charge permissions' fees to reproduce our images, but you will need to complete, sign and return a form to us depending on how you want to use them:


When we receive the completed form, we will send you a letter or email granting permission where appropriate.  Normally this will be on the condition that you provide a free copy of your publication. Any rights granted will be non-exclusive and one-time unless otherwise stated.  The letter of permission forms the basis of an agreement which is subject to our full Terms and Conditions.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


The rights of copyright holders are quite separate to our ownership rights.  If you want to reproduce images which are still within copyright protection and where the copyright is not owned by LHSA, you must produce written evidence that you have obtained permission to reproduce the images from the copyright holder.  Only then can we grant you permission, as owners of the material, to reproduce the images.  We are unable to offer to trace copyright owners for you.  All users must abide by current legislation on Copyright and Data Protection which may restrict the reproduction of certain images. 

In accordance with UK copyright law, you may, without prior permission, quote insubstantial extracts transcribed from copyright material in our collections, and you may further use such material within the terms of current exceptions to copyright.