Core Conservation

Re-housing LHSA collections

Many of the collections are accessioned with little, no or unsuitable housing, putting the items at risk of accelerated deterioration and/or accidental damage. LHSA has implemented a boxing policy to ensure that the collections will be provided with appropriate long-term housing. This will ensure that incident light damage and dust accumulation are reduced, ameliorate against any fluctuations in the ambient environment, improve handling and aid access. Boxing may also help ensure the most efficient use of available storage space.

A range of standard size boxes and folders have been developed to meet the housing needs of the majority of the collections, particularly paper-based items in sheet format. Customised storage solutions for outsize items or those that have specific requirements, for example photographic material, are also provided. Wherever possible, re-housing is coupled with any interventive treatment required by the collection items.    

Original storage systems are kept where they pose no risk of damage to the collections contained. When replaced, written and photographic documentation of the original system is produced to record any additional information that would otherwise be lost.    

Collections to be re-housed are prioritised according to physical vulnerability, demand for access and historical importance. The highest specification materials within the available budget are used and principles of best practice are adhered to. On entry, all new accessions are assessed and re-housed as necessary, and work continues to provide all collections with suitable secondary protection.