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LHSA has built up a collection of objects (c. 1,000) in the last thirty years as a result of hospital closures and reorganisations. LHSA has taken in a range of items that were considered to be at risk. 

The majority of the objects are historical, surgical and scientific instruments, but there is also a collection of bed plaques and donor boards as well as a number of other artefacts including clocks, silverware, textiles and a small number of works of art. 

The objects have all been photographed and catalogued into a database.  The objects themselves are now kept in deep storage at the University Collections Facility. The database is not yet available online, please contact us if you would like to find out more about the objects collection.

Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children Appeal Jumpers, LHSA Ref: O158 Royal Edinburgh Hospital Nursing Badge, LHSA Ref: O167 World AIDS Day Carrier Bag, LHSA Ref: O270