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Non-NHS Institutions, Organisations and Individuals

GD1 Small GD Collections (more organisations and individuals), 1694-2019
GD2 Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Samaritan Society, 1879-2008
GD3 Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh, 1821-1971


Derrick Dunlop, medical practitioner, 1928-1984
GD5 General Medical Council, 1856-1992
GD6 Elsie Stephenson, nurse, 1902-1968
GD7 Association of Master Printers of Scotland, 1927-1973
GD8 Ernst Levin, medical practitioner, 1904-1980
GD9 Alexander Murray Drennan, medical practitioner, 1861-1969
GD10 Edinburgh Society for Relief of the Destitute Sick, 1704-1973
GD11 Robert William Johnstone, medical practitioner, 1883-1957
GD12 Edwin Francis Catford, hospital historian, c. 1950-1980
GD13 Hope, Mann, Todd and Kirk, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh law agents, 1690-1948
GD14 Edinburgh and South East Scotland Blood Transfusion Service, 1930-2001
GD15 Royal Medico-Psychological Association, Scottish Division, 1869-1948
GD16 Physician Superintendents of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, c. 1850-c. 1980


Royal Edinburgh Asylum Physicians Library, 1814-1939
GD18 Amelia Nyasa Laws, medical practitioner, 1899-1979
GD19 George Venters, medical practitioner, 1875-1992
GD20 Pathology Records of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1842-1982
GD21 Crusaid Scotland: HIV/AIDS, 1990-2013
GD22 Take Care Campaign, 1968-2000
GD23 Edinburgh Pathological Club, 1860-1977
GD24 Lothian Regional AIDS Team, 1983-1997
GD25 Helen Zealley, Lothian Health Board Director of Public Health, 1964-2005
GD26 E. Elizabeth Robertson, medical practitioner, 1886-1982
GD27 Lothian Health Board Pre-registration Appointment Matching Scheme, 1939-1991
GD28 Martin Eastwood, hospital historian, 1857-1995
GD29 Edinburgh Clinical Club, 1926-2001
GD30 Dingleton Hospital, Melrose, 1845-2000
GD31 Cervical Smear Campaign and Women's Health, 1981-1992
GD32 Gordon Leitch, medical practitioner, n.d.
GD33 Denis Smith, medical physicist, n.d.
GD34 Helen Millar Lowe, accountant and hospitals campaigner, 1899-1993
GD35 David Taylor, Lothian Regional Co-ordinator for HIV/AIDS, 1986-1994
GD36 Waverley Care, 1989-2000s
GD37 Edinburgh Drug Action Team, 1997-1999
GD38 Edinburgh Dental Alumni Society, 1979-2001
GD39 Haldane Tait, Principal Medical Officer, 1839-1990
GD40 General Board of Control, 1916-1962
GD41 Sir James Learmonth, medical practitioner, n.d.
GD42 Queensberry House Hospital, 1850-1996
GD43 Journal of Mental Science, 1854-1962
GD44 Winnie Donaldson, member of Lothian Health Board, 1940s-c.2003
GD45 Hugh Gilmour, senior lecturer, Department of Pathology, 1964-1999
GD46 National Coal Board Medical Cards, 1940s-1980s
GD47 J. Gardner & Son Edinburgh, Surgical Instrument Manufacturers, 1894-1970
GD51 Scottish Eastern Association, Medical Women's Federation, 1915-2012
GD52 Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Edinburgh and Lothians, 1858-2012
GD53 World AIDS Day Organising Committee [WADOC] (Lothian), 1998-2006
GD56 Doris Myles, nurse, 1914-2010
GD57 Sheila Scott, nurse, 1960s-1970s
GD59 Jacqueline Mok, Consultant Paediatrician, 1978-2014