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Accessions awaiting cataloguing

LHSA takes in new collections all the time.  They are given an accession number on receipt, basic collection details are recorded and they are assessed by our conservator.  Some accessions are catalogued immediately, but it is not always possible to do so. 

As a result a number of collections are waiting to be catalogued in a priority-led queue.  They, therefore, currently do not have a Collection Summary or Item-level Catalogue available to consult on this website.

Access to these collections is possible, but is at the discretion of LHSA.  A decision regarding access will be made once conservation, confidentiality and all other archival factors have been considered. Please contact us for more information.

Uncatalogued accessions are listed under two main themes: hospitals, organisations and specialties, and individuals.  Please follow the links in the menu in the top right corner.  

Andrew Duncan, founder of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, LHSA Ref: HD P340 Elsie Inglis, pioneer of women's medical education and founder of the Scottish Women's Hospitals movement, LHSA Ref: LHB8A/9 Sophia Jex Blake, Pioneer of women's medical education, LHSA Ref: LHB8/17/1/i