Undergraduate Research and Teaching

Using LHSA collections in research

We hold many different types of collections that have come from various hospitals, organisations and individuals.  They have been used to conduct undergraduate research into a wide range of subjects including history of psychiatry, political influences on nursing, graphic design (of asylums), ‘shell shock’, treatments for nineteenth-century prostitutes, women in medicine and the history of homosexuality.

Take a look at the collections using the links below to discover if our material is applicable to your research.  The source lists provide information on specific subjects such as the Two World Wars and list all collections that fall under that heading.

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Access to records for academic research

A large amount of the material we hold is confidential, for example patient case notes.  LHSA ensures the security of confidential records and manages access to them in accordance with the relevant legislation.  However, it is possible to arrange access to confidential records for legitimate academic research, subject to certain conditions.

More information about getting access to condfidential records for academic research

Information on access restrictions and legislation in general


Using LHSA collections in teaching

LHSA collections and staff expertise may be useful in teaching undergraduate courses.  Since 2008, LHSA has collaborated with the Department of Economic and Social History to provide a series of seminars in their 'History in Practice' module.  As part of the seminars, LHSA staff introduce undergraduate students to the services provided by LHSA and the Centre for Research Collections, and give them an opportunity to look at original archive material in hands-on problem solving.

LHSA collection items can be produced in either of the CRC's seminar rooms for classes/seminars/workshops.

Use of LHSA collections in teaching is a service that we are keen to develop.  Please contact us if we can assist in any future classes, or if you'd like to discuss teaching ideas.

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