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Hospital/Medical Treatments, Training and Employment Opportunities

LHSA is not part of the NHS or NHS Lothian.  We are unable to advise on NHS Lothian issues, current medical treatments, medical training, employment or work experience.  You will find this type of information on the NHS Lothian website.

NHS Lothian

Contact details for Lothian hospitals

GP, Dentist, Pharmacist or Optician services


LHSA does not hold birth certificates.  The General Register Office for Scotland can provide you with copies of birth certificates.  [LHSA holds records of birth of several Edinburgh maternity hospitals, however, these do not carry the same weight as birth certificates.] 

General Register Office for Scotland

LHSA does not hold GP records.  To obtain copies of your own records, please contact your current GP.  A deceased individual's GP records are kept centrally by NHS Lothian for a maximum of 10 years.  If you want to access the records of a near relative, please contact their last GP.

LHSA does not hold records from hospitals outwith the Lothian region apart from Dingleton Hospital, Melrose, Borders.  There are three further NHS archives in Scotland:

Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Board Archive

Tayside Health Board Archive

Northern Health Services Archive (Tel: +44 (0)1224 555562)

For hospital records in other parts of the UK:

Hospital Records Database

LHSA does not hold military hospital records apart from a small sample of case notes.  The National Archives is the main UK repository for all military records.

Military History Resources at The National Archives