Lothian Hospital Histories

Roodlands General Hospital

Roodlands General Hospital was originally the infectious diseases hospital for the western district of the county of East Lothian. It first appears in Burdett's Hospitals and Charities in 1922/23: at this time the hospital had 34 beds. At the reorganisation of local authority health services in 1930, it was decided that all cases of infectious diseases in the county and the seven burghs of East Lothian should be treated in this hospital.

Consequently its name was changed from the Combination Hospital, Haddington to the County Infectious Diseases Hospital. By this time the hospital's bed complement was 70.

In 1948 the hospital came under the control of East Lothian Hospitals Board of Management. Its use changed to a general hospital and it was renamed Roodlands General Hospital. On the reorganisation of the National Health Service in 1974 it became part of the North Lothian District of Lothian Health Board.

Roodlands General Hospital records