Lothian Hospital Histories

Leith Hospital

1788 saw the institution of the Edinburgh and Leith Humane Society. In 1815 the Society opened a Dispensary, and in 1837 a Casualty Hospital. In 1848 the Dispensary and Hospital combined as Leith Hospital. In 1907 the hospital was incorporated.

Situated in Mill Lane, Leith Hospital was a general hospital with wards - medical and surgical - for men, women and children, as well as an accident unit.  In 1886 the Directors of the Hospital agreed to grant the application from Dr. Sophia Jex-Blake to allow women medical students to attend Leith Hospital for clinical instruction.

In 1948 Leith Hospital became part of Edinburgh Northern Hospitals group of South Eastern Regional Hospitals Board, and in 1974 it came under North Lothian District of Lothian Health Board. In 1987 the hospital was closed and its functions transferred to the Western General Hospital.

Leith Hospital records