Lothian Hospital Histories

Dunbar Cottage Hospital

Dunbar Cottage Hospital has its origins in the Battery Hospital, a small military hospital which functioned during World War I. At the end of the War local doctors and others decided to utilise the building to found a cottage hospital. Dunbar and District Cottage Hospital opened in July 1919 and continued to operate in the Battery Hospital building until December 1926. Funds were raised to purchase a larger building and in 1927 the Managers acquired Yorke Lodge: the house was altered and opened as a cottage hospital in May 1927.

On transfer to the National Health Service in 1948, the hospital became part of East Lothian Hospitals Board of Management. At this time its name was changed to Dunbar Cottage Hospital, and its bed complement was 13. The hospital closed in March 1973 when hospital services in Dunbar were centralised at Belhaven Hospital. The building has since been used as a holiday home for patients. In 1974 this home became part of North Lothian District of Lothian Health Board.

Dunbar Cottage Hospital records