Nursing Source List

Hospital Nursing Staff and Working Lives

Click on the reference link (in blue) for the collection catalogue and find the relevant reference for more information about the records.  They are listed below by hospital/institution collection.  You may have to scroll down the page as the list is quite long. 

Please consult the full catalogue entry for any items of interest as the covering dates given below are for entire sections which may include some records unrelated to nurse training.


Please also note that personnel and patient records relating to specific individuals and created within the last 100 years are subject to access restrictions under the terms of the UK Data Protection Act 1998.


Collection/Description Reference
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh LHB1/1-61A
Rules and regulations, 1730-1965 LHB1/5 (especially nos. 5 and 21)
Financial Statistics, 1866-1875 LHB1/25
Salaries and Wages Books, General, 1897-1954 LHB1/27
Miscellaneous Wages Books, Staff Insurance etc., 1880-1968 LHB1/30
House Steward's Department, 1864-1968 LHB1/40
Maternity Committee Papers, 1937-1948 LHB1/52
Nursing Committee Papers, 1923-1970 LHB1/54
Department of Surgical Neurology Papers, 1908-1972 LHB1/61A (especially nos. 27, 31 and 42)
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh LHB1/62-112a
Printed material: pamphlets, stationery , press cuttings etc., 1870-2003 LHB1/70 (especially no.13)
Miscellaneous Administration Papers II, 1955-1985 LHB1/71a (especially nos. 93-105)
Letter Books: Clerk/Treasurer and Clerk, 1836-1970 LHB1/74
Administration Department: Files, 1960s-1970s LHB1/80 (especially nos. 78, 88 and 92)
Administration Department: Files, 1970s-1980s LHB1/81 (especially nos. 84, 146 and 245-255)
RIE Sisters' Association, 1933-1986 LHB1/92
Nursing: Miscellaneous registers and Students' Financial ledgers, 1901-1988 LHB1/98
Monthly Returns, 1904-1960 LHB1/99
Theatre Nursing, 1957-1984 LHB1/100
Nurses' Time and Pay Books, 1873-1953 LHB1/101
Lady Superintendent's Papers, 1875-1953


Night Superintendent's Reports, 1873-1890, 1963-1975 LHB1/103
Nurses and Nursing School: Rules, Duties and Training, 1872-1973 LHB1/104
Nursing: Correspondence, 1921-1970 LHB1/106
Nursing: Centenary Celebrations, 1970-1979 LHB1/107
Nursing: Miscellaneous Papers, 1907-1986 LHB1/108
"The Pelican" Royal Infirmary Nursing magazine, 1927-2007 LHB1/109a
Nursing: Financial, 1892-1963 LHB1/110
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh LHB1/113-205
Appointments, Salaries, etc.: Miscellaneous Papers, 1908-1988 LHB1/120
Beechmount Radium Institute, 1932-1967 LHB1/193
Convalesecent House, Corstorphine: Administration, 1867-1972 LHB1/194
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and Associated Hospitals group


Annual Reports, 1948-1973 and 1989-1990 LHB2/5
Work Studies I: SE Regional Hospital Board, 1960-1974 LHB2/6
Staff Returns and Review Committee, 1948-1953 LHB2/8
Staff: Appointments, Establishment, etc., 1949-1988 LHB2/12
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh: Nursing Artefacts GD1/103
Edinburgh Royal Maternity Hospital and Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion LHB3
Domiciliary Midwifery Service registers, 1958-1983 LHB3/19
Miscellaneous Volumes, 187101977 LHB3/21
Constitution, Laws, Rules and Regulations, c.1864-c.1959 LHB3/22
Time and Pay Books, 1939-1955 LHB3/32A
Newsletter, 1970-1973


Miscellaneous Papers, 1859-1984 LHB3/38 (especially nos. 27-28)
Commencement of Employment Registers, 1941-1982 LHB3A/1
Register of Sisters, 1939-1974 LHB3A/4
Registers of Staff Midwives and Staff Nurses, 1939-1974


Register of Nursery Nurses and Nursing Auxiliaries, 1946-1980 LHB3A/6
Register of Sickness and Leave of Absence, 1962-1988 LHB3A/7
Staff Records, 1961-1992 LHB3A/8
Photos of Midwives in Sets, 1958-1991 LHB3A/9
Photo Albums and Scrap Books, 1898-1989 LHB3A/10
Simpson Midwives League GD1/111
Chalmers Hospital LHB4
History of Hospital, including photographs, 1926-1975 LHB4/4
Administration, 1913-1985 LHB4/5 (especially no. 3)
Staff Addresses and Registers, 1894-1978 LHB4/7
Nursing: Documents and Correspondence, 1941-1982 LHB4/8
Nurses' Training School, 1938-1980 LHB4/9
Material of non-LHB origin, 1943-1972 LHB4/24
Chalmers Hospital Nurses' League, 1986 LHB4/25
Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children LHB5
Nurses' Salaries Ledgers, 1920-1948 LHB5/17
Constitution and Rules, 1859-1917 LHB5/19
General Administration, 1873-1961 LHB5/22
Royal Edinburgh Hospital LHB7
Publications by Hospital Staff, 1845-1994 LHB7/14 (especially nos. 7 & 9)
Rules and regulations, 1867-c.1932 LHB7/15
Wages Books, 1867-1949


Staff Registers, 1871-1971 LHB7/31
Staff Records, 1910-1974 LHB7/32
Nursing, 1911-1968 LHB7/33
Register of Accidents, 1925-1967 LHB7/44
Staff Newsletter, 1982-1985 LHB7/59
Bruntsfield Hospital and Elsie Inglis Memorial Maternity Hospital LHB8/8A
Registers of Nursing Staff (Bruntsfield), 1920-1975 LHB8/22
Photographs (EIMMH), 1963-1974 LHB8A/9
Staff Registers (EIMMH), 1919-1988 LHB8A/23
Deaconess Hospital LHB12
Nurses' Records, 1984-1967 LHB12/22
Nursing: Documents and Correspondence, 1922-1946 LHB12/23
Alderston Convalescent Home LHB19
Wages Records, 1948 LHB19/2
Knoll Maternity Hospital LHB20
Financial Records, 1948 LHB20/1
City Hospital LHB23
Rules and regulations, 1905 LHB23/17
Nursing Registers, 1889-1970 LHB23/18
Nursing Administration, 1936-1993 LHB23/20
Miscellaneous, 1891-1981 LHB23/23
North Lothian District of Lothian Health Board LHB27
Routine Service Reports to District Executive Group LHB27/4
Edinburgh Central Hospitals LHB29
Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children Hospital Files, 1947-1962 LHB29/3
Princess Margaret Rose Hospital LHB30
Salaries and Wages Books, 1933-1949 LHB30/9
Administration Files, 1946-1971 LHB30/16
Rosslynlee Hospital LHB33
Staff and Salaries Records, 1898-1949 LHB33/14
Pay Sheets, 1918-1945 LHB33/14a
Gogarburn Hospital LHB36
Staff Records, 1930-1977 LHB36/13
Gogarburn Magazine/Gogarburn News, 1977-1990 LHB36/22
South Eastern regional Hospital Board LHB38
Administration: Nursing LHB38/3
Files of the Secretary to the Board, 1949-1970 LHB38/7 (especially nos. 19-20 and 96-109)
Bangour Village Hospital LHB44
Staff Records, 1904-1969 LHB44/8
Photographs, 1910-1994 and n.d. LHB44/26
Dingleton Hospital, Melrose GD30
Ward Handbook, c.1979-1982 GD30/17
Registers of Salaries and wages, 1910-1948 GD30/31
Nursing Salaries, 1948-1949 GD30/32
Wages Time Books, 1966-1992 GD30/34
Staffing Registers, 1870-1964 GD30/35
Nurses Declarations, 1920-1945 GD30/36
Photographs, n.d. GD30/64