Nursing Source List


Click on the reference link (in blue) for details of each collection.  You may have to scroll down this page as the list is quite long.  Please note that there may also be material about individual nurses within the LHSA collections, particularly in nurse training and staffing records, but the references listed below relate to the major individual collections and items.

Name of Nurse Reference
Alexander, Mrs J. M. LHB4/24/4
Anderson, Catherine GD1/38
Anderson, Mary L. GD1/16
Auld, M. G., Matron LHB3A/16
Bannatyne, Katie Smith GD1/95
Barclay, Elizabeth Anne LHB1/111/A/8b
Beattie, Isa T. GD1/42
Bett, Helen R. LHB3/33/1
Bladon (Miss), Lady Superintendent, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh LHB1/112/E
Buchan, Anna, Sister LHB1/108/6/3
Calder, Jean LHB1/108/19-22
Campbell, Eliza LHB3A/15/2
Cassels, Jessie Alexandra GD1/39
Clark, Sarah GD1/26
Craig, Jean C., later Kiolminster GD1/65
Cuthbert, Jessie GD1/13
Daymond, P. D. LHB3A/15/6
Duguid, Margaret GD1/34
Eccleston, Hannah Church GD1/27
England, Evelyn Maud, nee Gordon LHB3A/14
Ferlie, Jean, Matron




Gill, Annie Warren GD1/22
Gordon, Evelyn Maud, later England LHB3A/14
Grant, Alice GD1/62
Jess, Claire GD1/29
Johnstone, Agnes Gibson GD1/14
Johnstone, Isobel GD1/49
Kay, Janet GD1/31
Kerr, Agnes B. GD1/28
Kiolminster, Jean C., nee Craig GD1/65
Kirkwood, Mary J. W. GD1/87
Lamb, Ann GD1/61
Leitch, Jean W. GD1/92
Lennox, J. LHB1/111/A/8d
Lindsay, Janet C. GD1/47
Lindsay, M. G. GD1/48
MacPherson, Morag McLeod GD1/89
Marshall, Margaret C. GD1/8
Martin, Irene S. GD1/78
Matthew, Janet J. LHB3/38/3
Morrison, Mary GD1/77
Myles, Margaret

LHB3A/10/3 & 7

LHB3A/12, 13, 15/3-5


Nichol (Miss), Lady Superintendent, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh LHB1/112/C
Nightingale, Florence LHB1/111
Oldroyd, Elizabeth, Sister GD1/5
Pringle, Angelique, Lady Superintendent, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh



Raeburn, Margaret F. GD1/86
Reid, Margaret LHB3A/15/1
Reid, Winifred GD1/15
Saw, Agnes, Matron LHB3A/16
Samuel, Catherine B. GD1/46
Scott, Isabella B. GD1/25
Shaw, Margaret GD1/102
Shepherd, A. GD1/80
Simmons, Ida GD1/33
Simpson, Mary GD1/71
Smaill (Miss), Lady Superintendent, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh LHB1/112/B
Smith, Annie Murray GD1/10
Sommerveil (Mrs) GD1/108
Somerville, Alice M. GD1/44
Spencer, Frances E. LHB1/111/A/8c
Staples, Molly LHB3A/10/7
Stephenson, Elsie GD6
Sweenie, Elizabeth GD1/41
Taylor, Annie R. GD1/104
Taylor, Frances GD1/21
Taylor, Margaret J. W., Matron



Todd, Jane GD1/35
Tynedale-Biscoe, Barbara Bettina, later Waterman GD1/54
Waterman, Barbara B., nee Tynedale-Biscoe GD1/54
Williamson, Edith W. H. GD1/40
Wright, Sophia LHB3/38/22