Nursing Source List


The following four texts will provide you with a sound introduction to the history of nursing:

Abel Smith, B. A History of the Nursing Profession, 1966
Baly, M. Nursing and Social Change, 1982
Dingwall, R., Rafferty, A. M. and Webster, C. An Introduction to the Social History of Nursing, 1988
Mortimer, B. and McGann, S. ed. New Directions in the History of Nursing - International Perspectives, 2005

The following texts may also be useful:

Allan, S. Fear not to sow: Life of Elsie Stephenson, 1990
Bridges, D. C. A History of the International Council of Nurses, 1899-1964, 1967
Currie, M. R. Fever Hospitals and Fever Nurses: A British Social History of Fever Nursing, 2005
Davies, C. ed. Rewriting Nursing History, 1980
Dolan, J. A. History of Nursing, 1968
Maggs, C. J. The Origins of General Nursing, 1983
Pavey, A. E. Story of the Growth of Nursing, 1938
Rafferty, A. M. The Politics of Nursing Knowledge, 1996
Seymer, L. R. General History of Nursing, 1949
Tooley, S. History of Nursing in the British Empire, 1906
Yule, B Matrons, Medics and Maladies, 1999

All texts are available for consultation from the LHSA Reference Library.