Dentistry Source List

Staffing and Administration

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Records Reference

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and Associated Hospitals medical and dental staff committee and executive committee, 1948-1974


Dental hospital weekly pay books, 1951-1955


Staff returns for various departments of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, for the Simpson and for the Edinburgh Dental Hospital; notes on possible savings in the different departments, 1952-1953


Princess Margaret Rose Hospital administration file on dental treatment, 1958


Administration file on medical and dental staffing of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Jun 1958–Dec 1963


Edinburgh and South East Scotland Blood Transfusion Service Administration Files - Dental Estimates Board, 1964-1971


Edinburgh Dental Hospital and School: survey of Patients’ Records, 1966-1968

LHB2/6/29, 32

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Dental Hospital administrative files, 1971-1977


Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh administration file on medical and dental staffing, 1973-1985

LHB1/81/240, 242 

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Medical and Dental Staff Committee, 1975-1983 (continues from LHB2/2/4-11)


Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Board of Management Dental Staffing; Dental Hospital, 1965–c.1970