Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Oral History Project

In May 2019, LHSA Access Officer Louise Neilson began an eight month part time project to conduct and catalogue oral history interviews with people familiar the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh when it based at Lauriston Place. The project was funded by the Edinburgh Futures Institute who will be moving in to the old hospital building in 2021.


Participants were found through the distribution of postcards, adverts in a local newspaper, and from call outs made across LHSA’s social media pages. From July to November 28 separate interviews were conduct with 36 individuals, which included 1 patient and 35 staff members. It was important to speak to staff who represented the large spectrum of hospital occupations such as volunteers, clerical assistants, therapists, medical students and consultants, and nurses.


You can listen to excerpts from some of the oral histories here.