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New Accession: Astley Ainslie Prosthetics Department Library and Papers

4 March 2010


LHSA has recently received a significant accession from the Prosthetics department at the Astley Ainslie Hospital. The department’s library, housed at the SMART Building (South East Mobility and Rehabilitation Technology Services), originally held a large collection of objects such as prosthetic limbs as well as reference papers and photographs. After an initial meeting between David Gow, Head of SMART Services, LHSA and the National Museum of Scotland (NMS), it was agreed that the two parts of the collection should be transferred to specialist repositories: the objects to the NMS and the papers and photographs to LHSA.

The Prosthetics department is a world leader in the development of new technology and treatment for those who have lost limbs.

The accession reference is: Acc 10/001.

Prosthetics accession on the shelves at Lothian Health Services Archive