A History of the NHS

The NHS in England and Wales

The administrative structure of the NHS in Scotland differed from that in England and Wales with respect to some of its arrangements:

  • Teaching hospitals remained under the control of RHBs via Medical Education Committees (MEC). In England they were managed by Boards of Governors directly responsible to the Minister for Health.
  • Boards of Governors of hospitals also controlled pre-NHS endowments, whereas in Scotland they were vested in RHBs and the Scottish Hospitals Endowments Research Trust (SHERT).
  • As well as communicating with HBMs via RHBs only, the SSS was also responsible for the provision of HCs, whereas in England and Wales, this came under LHAs.
  • The SSS also had equivalent responsibilities for the ambulance service, blood transfusion, and laboratory services, whereas in England and Wales it was LHAs, RHBs and the Ministry of Health (MH) respectively.
  • HBMs were called Hospital Management Committees south of the border and had a different appointment mechanism.