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Clinical case Notes by Practitioner

We hold clinical case note collections associated with the following practitioners:

W.A.D. Adamson

J. Halliday Croom

J.G. Sclater
F.G. Bell J.G.M. Hamilton Shaw
E. Bramwell F. Hewat I.S.R. Sinclair

J. Bruce

F.E. Jardine A.A.S. Skirving
E.H. Cameron R.W. Johnstone J.K. Slater
J.D.S. Cameron K. Paterson Brown W. Small
J.R.J. Cameron J.R. Learmonth H. Stiles
G.L. Chiene J.D. Lithgow R.L. Stewart
L.S.P. Davidson A. Logan J.W. Struthers
K.W. Donald E. Matthew W.J. Stuart
N.M. Dott G.E. Martin T.R.R. Todd
D.M. Dunlop W. Mercer A.L. Turner
R.A. Fleming A. Miles H. Wade
J.S. Fraser T.M. Millar A.P. Watson
R. Gilchrist R.M. Murray-Lyon W.Q. Wood
J.M. Graham J.R. Patterson M.F.A. Woodruff
I.S. Hall W.T. Ritchie  

If you would like to find out more about any of these collections, please contact us.