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Accessions: Royal Victoria Hospital

DVD copy of Video/Cine Film, (Acc 06/012)

Includes three film clips showing Royal Victoria Hospital buildings.


Slides, c.1960s (Acc 10/025)

Slides of Hospital.


Patient and Administrative Records, c.1930s-2000s (Acc 10/030)

Accrual to collection LHB41; includes patient and nursing registers, administrative papers and photographs.


The Bacillus, 1905 (Acc 11/013)

The Bacillus Numbers 1-4, a newspaper produced to raise funds for the Royal Victoria Hospital, in conjunction with a fair held with the same aim.


Publications, 1908-c.1995 (Acc 11/020)

Accrual to collection LHB41; contains two publications collected by the Hospital: 'Reminiscences from the Royal Victoria Hospital (c.1995) and  'How the Department of Health of the City of New York is fighting Tuberculosis' (1908).