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Accessions: Princess Margaret Rose Hospital

Papers, c.1924-2001 (Acc 02/009)

Accrual to collection LHB30; contains papers, photographs and glass plate negatives.


Patient Registers, c.1932-1970 (Acc 05/019)

Accrual to collection LHB30; contains three volumes of admissions registers and three volumes of operations registers.

Films and photographs of Princess Margaret Rose Hospital, c.1962-1982 (Acc 13/010)

Cine films showing construction of the Princess Margaret Rose Orthapaedic Hospital and the Clinical Unit; also includes photographs of Princess Margaret at its opening.


Teaching slides and films, c.1958-1997 (Acc 13/021)

Orthapaedic medical photography teaching slides and films.


Mounted demonstration photographs, c.1960s (Acc 14/014)

Mount-boards with images of hospital interiors, surgical procedures and child prosthetics.


Photograph of Princess Margaret Rose fountain and newspaper clipping, c.1930s (Acc 14/020)

Single photograph and newspaper clipping from The Scotsman.


Bronze bust of Princess Margaret Rose, 1985 (Acc 15/013)

Bronze bust of Princess Margaret Rose from the hospital reception area.