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Accession: NHS Lothian

Clinical Effectiveness Team, c.1995-2008 (Acc 12/005)

Accrual to collections LHB37 and LHB56; contains published reports.

Clinical Standards Board for Scotland Local Report - Lothian (Acc 13/001)

Accrual to collection LHB56; contains single report.


NHSL Human Resources Awards, 1998-2009 (Acc 15/008)

Contains trophies, plaques and certificates awarded to NHS Lothian for achievements in human resources.


NHSL Newsletters, 2002-2004 (Acc 15/023)

Contains NHS Lothian newsletters.


NHSL Hospital re-provisioning and reports 1996-2004 (Acc 15/029)

Reports and papers, including general and annual reports.


Lothian Health Board Handbook, 1989-1990 (Acc 15/035)

Digital surrogates of the Handbook, listing details of key staff and institutions.