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Accessions: HIV and AIDS

Please note: since many of these collections are uncatalogued, access will be at the discretion of the LHSA Archivist. For catalogued collections around HIV, please see our source list for more information.


Library of Dr Ray Brettle (Acc13/007)

Library of Dr Ray Brettle comprising of 2.5 linear metres of books and pamphlets related to HIV/AIDS. Dr Brettle was a consultant at City Hospital, who opened Edinburgh’s first HIV/AIDS counselling and testing clinic.


World AIDS Day Lothian Organising Committee (GD53) 

Papers, financial records, photographs and audio-visual media from the World AIDS Day Lothian Organising Committee, donated by Waverley Care, c. 1990 – 2010. Possible accrual or companion to GD36.


Scottish Names Project quilt panels (Acc15/016)

Ten memorial quilt panels made by those supported by Waverley Care as part of the Names Project in Scotland (c. 1990s).


Penrose Inquiry (Acc15/026)

Hard copy of report arising from the 2008 Penrose Inquiry into Hepatitis C / HIV infection through treatment by NHS Scotland with infected blood products, 2015.


Oral history interview: HIV/AIDS education (Acc15/027)

Oral history interview with Lothian Regional Council HIV/AIDS education workers Kerstin Phillips and John Young, content 1980s – 2015.


Educational and paediatric resources, HIV/AIDS (Acc15/028)

Education packs, reports, press clippings and resources for children living in families affected by HIV, c. 1990s.


Oral history interview: HIV obstetric screening (Acc15/030)

Oral history interview with nurse Catriona Colquhoun on work in obstetric screening for HIV, content 1990s.


Oral history interview: HIV care and support (Acc15/031)

Oral history interview with Marion Chatterley on role as Chaplin / Spiritual Care Advisor with HIV and Hepatitis C charity, Waverley Care, content c. 1990s – 2015.


Judy Greenwood papers (GD1/143)

Draft chapter for proposed, unpublished edited collection of essays on history of HIV/AIDS in Edinburgh. Copy of Craigmillar Day Centre evaluation report, c. 1982 – 2000s.


A Drugs Strategy for the City of Edinburgh, 1999 - 2002 (Acc15/036)

Edinburgh Drug Action Team strategy report, 1999 – 2002.


Impact AIDS material (Acc16/007)

Papers of an Edinburgh-based AIDS charity, working in Africa, 1990s – 2000s


Lothian Health Board Public Health – HIV/AIDS material (Acc16/010)

Papers mainly reflecting the work of the Lothian Health Board HIV/AIDS Management Team and the Lothian Regional AIDS Team, 1987 – 1996. Possible accrual to LHB45.


Gavin Strang interview (Acc16/019)

Oral history with Gavin Strang, MP for Edinburgh East (1970 – 2010), around the introduction of the AIDS Control Act (1987)


Gavin Strang papers (Acc16/020)

Papers and clippings around the introduction of the AIDS Control Act (1987)


Jim and Jennifer Gray interview (Acc16/025)

Interview with Jim and Jennifer Gray. Jim worked as a consultant at the City Hospital, Edinburgh, whilst Jennifer was a nurse working in HIV counselling.


Positive Help (GD1/145)

Documents from the HIV and Hepatitis C support charity, 1982 – 1990s


HIV-related material, City Hospital (Acc17/020)

Research papers, plans and press clippings documenting the activities of HIV care at City Hospital, 1980s – 1990s


Mina Begg and Ray Brettle interview (Acc17/021)

Oral history interview with infectious disease staff: nurse, Mina Begg and consultant Ray Brettle


Craigmillar Health Project (Acc17/027)

Annual reports and research reports on Craigmillar Health Project, 1988 – 1994


Ray Brettle research archive, (Acc17/034; Acc17/036)

Research papers and slides around the epidemiology of HIV from career of infectious diseases consultant Ray Brettle, 1980s – 1990s


Carol Sutherland and Roy Robertson interview (Acc17/037)

Oral history interview with Muirhouse GP Roy Robertson and psychologist Carol Sutherland around their work in HIV treatment and care, mostly with intravenous drug users


Carol Sutherland and Alison Richardson interview (Acc17/040) 

Oral history interview with Alison Richardson, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, and Clinical Psychologist Carol Sutherland around their work in HIV care.


Roy Kilpatrick oral history interview (Acc17/045)

Oral history with Roy Kilpatrick, who worked in the voluntary sector in HIV and related fields, most recently as Chief Executive of HIV Scotland.


HIV Scotland oral history interviews (Acc18/002)

Interviews recorded with individuals living with HIV, recorded by HIV Scotland and donated with interviewees’ consent.


David Taylor and Alison Richardson oral history interview (Acc18/004)

Interview on Lothian Regional Council role in HIV prevention.


Background to psychiatry’s role in addiction services in Edinburgh, oral history interview (Acc18/006)

Interview involving Judy Greenwood, Jim Strachan, Bill Boyd, Alison Richardson, John Louden and Helen Zealley.


Jacqui Mok and Helen Zealley oral history interview (Acc18/017)

Interview on paediatric care for HIV-affected children and their families, with Consultant Paediatrician Jacqui Mok and former Director of Public Health Helen Zealley. Helen Zealley invited Jacqui Mok to head a clinic for HIV-affected children, the first in the UK (1985).


Judy Greenwood, Ros Beckett and Alison Richardson oral history interview (Acc18/019)

Interview on the setting up and operation of the Community Drug Problem Service.


Paediatric care in HIV-affected children (Acc18/020)

Folder of correspondence and papers from the work of Consultant Paediatrician Jacqui Mok.