Finding the Right Clinical Notes: Improving Access to Personal Health Records, 1600-1994

This LHSA-led, RSLP-funded project ran from January 2000 to July 2002, and addressed the problem of providing access to personal health records across Scotland. These are records which relate to the physical or mental health of an identifiable individual which have been made by, or on the advice of, a health professional in connection with the care and treatment of that person. Clinical records are the most obvious example, however, other examples include hospital admissions registers, prescriptions, x-rays and the results of other diagnostic investigations.

The project website contains information on the project survey and a searchable database of the resultant survey data.  You can search across all contributing institutions, or you can limit your search to a particular repository.

Searching LHSA's case note collections

These collections are not yet fully catalogued or available to search on our own website, however, you can search summary information about them using Finding the Right Clinical Notes.

Finding the Right Clinical Notes


Finding the Right Clinical Notes website (