Dentistry Source List

Work and Training

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Records Reference
Payments ledger for Edinburgh (Trinity) dentist treatments, 1919-1938


Photographs of the School Dental Service:  mobile dental unit (2), child receiving dental treatment (2), dental health exhibitions in schools (2), 1946-1947 LHB16/38/12
File on dental services of the Secretary to the South Eastern Regional Hospital Board, 1948-1967 LHB38/7/73

Terms and conditions of service of Hospital Medical Dental Staff (National Health Service); examples of South Eastern Regional Hospital Board contracts for consultants, etc, 1949-1950


Papers on Dental Prosthetics: its teaching and the charges made for dentures, etc, 1951-1952


Operating Theatre inventory sheet - list of dental equipment attached c.1953-c.1966


File on the dental service at Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children, 1959


Inventory of equipment in the Dental Department of Princess Margaret Rose Hospital, 1960-1970


Correspondence of Secretary and Treasurer of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh concerning Work Study Report on Dental Hospital, 1961-1962


Work study on the Edinburgh Dental Hospital and School, 1961, 1966

LHB2/6/3, 24

Annual Reports on School Health Administration in the Counties of Midlothian and Peebles – includes dental inspection and treatment, 1963-1972


Leith Hospital - Operating Hours Book: gives date and number of hours the theatre was in use on any given day. Until 1966 the hours are broken down into Paediatrics, Dental, ENT, and Eyes, 1963-1976


South Eastern Regional Hospital Board dental circulars, 1964


Correspondence with Secretary and Treasurer of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh -  regarding proposed new Dental Hospital and School, 1964-1965


Work Study: Dental Hospital Jan 1967-Aug 1971 


Usage of Beds and Statistics of In-Patients and Out-Patients – includes Dental Hospital, 1967-1974


Conferences and Courses - Medical and Dental of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Feb 1971-Dec 1982


Statistical Papers - Edinburgh Dental Hospital, 1980-1982


Printed style of indenture of apprenticeship with the Edinburgh Dental Hospital and School, c.1900


Lothian Medical Audit Committee, Professional Clinical Audits – Dental Audit, 1992-1996


Dental audit consumer satisfaction survey, Sep 1996


General dental care for anxious adults - a retrospective clinical audit, 1996


Dental out-patient general anaesthetic referral services in Lothian: views of referring practitioners, Jan 1996


Photograph of Edinburgh Dental Hospital 1901-1902

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