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Organisations and Individuals: Small GD Collections

GD1/1 Centre for Reproductive Biology, University of Edinburgh, 1694-1929
GD1/2 Alexander Monro primus, medical practitioner, 1747
GD1/3 Thomas Preston Lewis, medical practitioner, 1874-1879


William Pulteney Alison, medical practitioner, 1828-1830
GD1/5 Elizabeth Oldroyd, nurse, 1910-1938
GD1/6 Ada Elizabeth Miller and Robert Webster Miller, medical practitioners, 1900-1914
GD1/7 Haig Ferguson Memorial Home, 1955-1973
GD1/8 Margaret Colville Marshall, nurse, 1925-1975
GD1/9 John Kohler Steel, medical practitioner, 1914-1917
GD1/10 Annie Murray Smith, nurse, 1924-1973
GD1/11 Lucy M. Syme, 1919
GD1/12 Save the Children Scotland: HIV/AIDS, 1983-1988
GD1/13 Jessie Cuthbert, nurse, 1910
GD1/14 Agnes Gibson Johnstone, nurse, 1925-1940
GD1/15 Winifreid Reid, nurse, 1932-1936
GD1/16 Mary Leslie Anderson, nurse, 1932-1938


Department of Dietetics, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1935-c. 1958
GD1/18 James Wood, medical practitioner, 1804-1808
GD1/19 Student Tickets, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1808-1941
GD1/20 Matthew Brown Saunders, medical practitioner, 1886-1888
GD1/21 Frances Taylor, nurse, 1898-1902
GD1/22 Annie Warren Gill, nurse, 1893-c. 1930
GD1/23 William Kenneth Morrison, medical practitioner, 1889-1971
GD1/24 Joan Kennedy Rose, medical practitioner, 1912-1915
GD1/25 Isabella Boyd Scott, nurse, n.d.
GD1/26 Sarah Clark, nurse, 1922-1924
GD1/27 Hannah Church Eccleston, nurse, 1884-1919
GD1/28 Agnes Beveridge Kerr, nurse, 1926-1927
GD1/29 Claire Jess, nurse, 1967
GD1/30 Elizabeth Mackay MacDonald, nurse, 1908-1915
GD1/31 Janet Kay, nurse, 1922
GD1/32 John Mackintosh, medical practitioner, 1832
GD1/33 Ida Simmons, nurse, 1919-1950
GD1/34 Margaret Duguid, nurse, 1929-1983
GD1/35 Jane Todd, nurse, 1885
GD1/36 Douglas Guthrie, medical historian, 1948-1960
GD1/37 Henry Norman Mackenzie and William Douglas, dental students, 1920-1924
GD1/38 Catherine Euphemia Anderson, medical practitioner, 1905-1967
GD1/39 Jessie Alexandra Cassels, nurse, 1910
GD1/40 Edith Winchester Hindmarsh Williamson, nurse, 1930-1953
GD1/41 Elizabeth Sweenie, nurse, 1917-1921
GD1/42 Isa Beattie, nurse, n.d.
GD1/43 Alexander Ninian Bruce, medical practitioner, 1887-1912
GD1/44 Alice M. Somerville, nurse, 1947
GD1/45 John Wardle Bone, medical practitioner, n.d.
GD1/46 Catherine Bruce Samuel, nurse, 1917-1925
GD1/47 Janet Cranston Lindsay, nurse, 1924-1951
GD1/48 M. G. Lindsay, nurse, 1935-1945
GD1/49 Isobel Johnstone, nurse, n.d.
GD1/50 Edinburgh Indian Association, 1937
GD1/51 Hospital Chaplains, Edinburgh Diocese of the Episcopal Church of Scotland, 1940-1962
GD1/52 Dentist, Edinburgh, 1919-1938
GD1/53 Jessie Maclaren MacGregor, medical practitioner, 1863-1906
GD1/54 Barbara Bettina Tynedale-Biscoe, nurse, 1935
GD1/55 Willowbrae House Maternity Home, 1938
GD1/56 Margaret Buchanan Robertson, patient of Sir James Young Simpson, 1857-1859
GD1/57 Bridget S. Toms, patient of Professor Norman Dott, 1992
GD1/58 Edinburgh Cardiac Club, 1964-1979
GD1/59 Barbara A. Wilson (nee Glascock), nutritionist, 1940-1965
GD1/60 Jill Birrell, clinical psychologist, c. 1990
GD1/61 Ann Lamb, nurse, 1932-1936
GD1/62 Alice Grant, nurse, 1908-1919
GD1/63 Antonia J. Bunch, Scottish Health Centre librarian, 1965-1981
GD1/64 James Whigham Affleck, medical practitioner, 1947-1989
GD1/65 Jean Constance Craig, nurse, c. 1990
GD1/66 John Gregory, medical practitioner, 1771-1772
GD1/67 Edinburgh and Leith Old People's Welfare Council, 1984-1985
GD1/68 Surgery Teaching Notes, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, n.d.
GD1/69 John Laidlaw, hospital administrator, 1929-1999
GD1/70 The New Moon, Crichton Royal Institution Literary Register, 1845-1937
GD1/71 Mary Simpson, nurse, 1879
GD1/72 Agnes and Nessie Spalding, patients, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1928-1940
GD1/73 John Douglas Logan, dental practitioner, 1931-1932
GD1/74 Penicillin, wartime distribution to civilians in Edinburgh, 1944-1945
GD1/75 James Hamilton, medical practitioner, 1765-1829
GD1/76 Edinburgh Lying-in Institution, 1825-1931
GD1/77 Mary Morrison, nurse, 1876-1890
GD1/78 Irene Susan Martin, nurse, 1943-1946
GD1/79 Sheila Durham, chiropodist, n.d.
GD1/80 A. Shepherd, nurse, 1902-1905
GD1/81 James Allan Gray, medical practitioner, 1919-1999
GD1/82 Second Scottish General Hospital, Craigleith, 1915-1916
GD1/83 McKenzie and Company, chemist, 1908-1923
GD1/84 Staff Social Activities, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1951-1999
GD1/85 Social Work Department of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh: HIV/AIDS, 1984-1997
GD1/86 Margaret Farquharson Raeburn, nurse, n.d.
GD1/87 Mary Jane Whitelaw Kirkwood, nurse, 1922-1999
GD1/88 Professor Sir Stanley Davidson, c. 1958
GD1/89 Morag McLeod Macpherson, nurse, 1909-1912
GD1/90 Jane E. Paterson, medical social worker, 1965-1979
GD1/91 Chemist, Edinburgh, 1889-1903
GD1/92 Jean Walker Leitch, nurse, 1924-1999
GD1/93 National Radium Centre, Edinburgh, 1929-1948
GD1/94 Alexander Joe, medical practitioner, 1896-1952
GD1/95 Katie Smith Bannatyne, nurse, 1934-1935
GD1/96 HIV/AIDS Awareness Postcards, c. 1990
GD1/97 Thomas Reid, bookbinder, n.d.
GD1/98 James Henderson, patient, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1929
GD1/99 Mr Lockie, patient, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1965
GD1/100 League of Friends, Edinburgh City Hospital, 1984-1999
GD1/101 John Chassar Moir, papers relating to Sir James Young Simpson, 1922-1975
GD1/102 Margaret Shaw, nurse, 1902
GD1/103 Nursing artefacts, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, n.d.
GD1/104 Alice R. Taylor, nurse, 1902-1915
GD1/105 Clinical Medicine Board, 1913-1954
GD1/106 Bacteriological Lab Assistants' Association/Institute of Medcial Laboratory Technology, n.d.
GD1/107 Thomas Edmonston Charles, c. 1860-1870
GD1/108 Mrs Sommerveil, nurse, 1798
GD1/109 Correspondence relating to Catford's History of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1984
GD1/110 Edmund T. Price, 1897-1917
GD1/111 Simpson Midwives League, 1969-2002
GD1/112 Pamphlet, Your Health Service: How it Will Work in Scotland, HMSO, 1948
GD1/113 League of Subscribers, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, c. 1924
GD1/114 Lewis Abbot, UK's first successful kidney transplant patient, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1960-2003
GD1/115 Matron's Cash Book, 1930-1948
GD1/116 Sir James Young Simpson, medical practitioner, 1855
GD1/117 Sophia Jex Blake, medical practitioner, 1901
GD1/118 Nina B. Duncan, dentist, 1920
GD1/119 Norman Dott, neurosurgeon, 1997
GD1/120 Isabel Taylor, nurse, 1935-1944
GD1/121 Drawing, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, c. 1975
GD1/122 Public Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh, 2002-2004
GD1/123 George Bath Memorial Lecture, 2005
GD1/124 Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 2003
GD1/125 Rules and regulations of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1897
GD1/126 St Andrew’s Ambulance Association, 2005-2006
GD1/127 Lecture notes on reproductive anatomy, 1945-1946
GD1/128 Claire Chandler, midwife, 1954-1955
GD1/129 Theatre course work, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1968-1972

Print of Bangour Village Memorial Church, 2005

GD1/131 Pearl Stacy, midwife, 1944-1945
GD1/132 Eva Lyon, medical student, 1903-c.1904
GD1/133 Quartermile Site Archaeological handbook, 2004
GD1/134 Perpetual Hospital Ticket of Dr Charles Parry, 1885
GD1/135 HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health Pamphlets, 1984-2006
GD1/136 Drawings of Stanley Gimson, 1960s
GD1/137 Annie Nicolson, nurse, 1919-1921
GD1/138 Mary Bennett, nurse, 1893-1934
GD1/148 Robert Bickersteth, medical student, 1803-1804