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Accessions: Individuals

Brettle, Dr Ray: Library of books/papers related to HIV/AIDS. (Acc 13/007).

Brownlee, Fiona: Occupational therapy training papers; images and newspaper cutting relating to the Edinburgh TB x-ray campaign, c.1958-1987 (Acc 13/032).


Craig, Jim: Papers on Rosslynlee Hospital (research material for book published in 2008).


Currie, Jean & Lamont, Isobella: Photographic material, autograph books, certificates and badges covering nursing during and between the first and second world wars, c.1914-1945 (Acc 13/044).


Davidson, Roger: Papers and photographic material used in preparation of 'Dangerous Liaisons: A Social History of VD in 20th Century Scotland, c.1900-2000 (Acc 13/040).

Davidson, Professor Sir Stanley: Report on the Department of Medicine.

Davie, Ivor: Anaesthetic registers; formulary from Cowgate Dispensary; copy of John Wilson, The Coogate Doctors (Edinburgh: Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society, 1991), c.1900-1991 (Acc 15/009).

Eastwood, Martin: Papers regarding the history of the Edinburgh Medical School and publications.

Eastwood, Martin: Material relating to history of the Western General Hospital.

Eastwood, Martin: Papers including photographs.

Fawcett, Janet: Nurse training lecture notes from Bangour General Hospital, c.1959-1959 (Acc 13/036).


Gardner, Fiona: Lothian Child Protection training notes (Acc 13/018A).


Gordon, Win: Nurse training papers and oral history interview, c. 1966-2000 (Acc 12/053).


Haldane, Sheila: Medical training papers (Acc 13/018).


Learmonth, Sir James: Papers

Leitch, Gordon (Chest Physician): Papers

Leith, Christina; Playfair, Catherine; & Playfair, Christine: nursing papers and objects, c.1890s-1950s (Acc14/008).


Leng, Mary & Nelson, Christine: Nurse training papers and badges, c.1925-2007 (Acc 12/052).


Levin, Ernst: Papers. Accrual to collection GD8 (Acc 15/001).


Lewis, Joan: Nursing badges and postcards of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1959 (Acc 15/004).

Lockhart, Isobel (nurse): Nursing certificates and photo.

Mackenzie, Jean: Nurse training papers, including examination papers, case reports and nursing handbooks, c.1963-1975 (Acc 14/030).


MacLeod, Hugh: Medical instruction slides, c.1960s-1970s (Acc 15/024).


Miller, Ethel: Autograph, certificates and scrapbook belonging to Ethel Miller, Nursing Sister at the 2nd Scottish General Hospital, Craigleith, during the First World War (Acc 12/20).


Munro, Irene: Nurse training papers and texts, c.1969-1975 (Acc 12/028).


Myles, Doris: Copy of history of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (by A Logan Turner) with annotations, 1929.


Myles, Doris: Medals, badges and photograph belonging to Doris Myles, former RIE Superintendent of Nurses, c.1939-2012 (Acc 12/036).


Myles, Margaret: Papers collected by Elspeth Ferguson, including articles, correspondence, textbooks and badges, c.1965-1995 (Acc 13/042).


Nelson, Christine: Nurse training notebooks and object, 1954-1959 (Acc 13/034).


Nicol, Nancy McLeod: Nursing scrapbook and memorabilia.


Reid, Ella: Midwifery training notes from Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion, c.1944-1996 (Acc 13/026).


Richardson, Maureen: Nurse training papers, c.1969-1973 (Acc 12/035).


Robinson, Dr Ronald A: Papers relating to career as consultant in psychiatry for Lothian Health Board. Dr Robinson founded psychiatric/geriatric services for North Edinburgh, based at Royal Victoria Hospital during the 1970s, c.1968-2008 (Acc 14/033).


Seiler, Christine: Oral history interviews, photographs and notebooks relating to renal dialysis, c.1990s (Acc 14/012).

Shepherd, Dr Anne McLeod: Papers .

Stephenson, Elsie: Papers.

Stewart, Margaret: OBE medals and certificate awarded to former matron of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh in 1961 (Acc 14/007).


Venters, George: Papers.


Wood, Isabella Jean: Photographs, objects and ephemera from career of Sister Isabella Jean Wood at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children, c.1944-1970 (Acc 14/024).


Wright, Morvern: Photographs, objects and papers relating to PTS nurse training at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, c.1962-2013 (Acc 14/025).