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Accessions: Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Plans, c.1887-1980s (Acc 08/021)

Accrual to collection LHB7; contains plans of Young People’s Unit.


Photographic and Audio-visual Material, c.1950s-1980s (Acc 08/010)

Accrual to collection LHB7; contains videos, photographs, and slides.


Papers of the Physician Superintendents, c.1850-1980 (GD16)

Papers of David Skae (1814-1873); Thomas Smith Clouston (1840-1915); George Matthew Robertson (1864-1932); Sir David Kennedy Henderson (1884-1965); T A Munro (1905-1966); James Wigham Affleck; Thomas Laycock, physician (1812-1876); Charles John Robertson Milne, physician; Ethel Elizabeth Robertson, psychiatrist; William Boyd, psychiatrist; Robert Clennell, patient; John Willis Mason, patient; John Home, patient; Alexander Kennedy, patient; William Bartholomew, patient; John Stuart Morton, patient; John Myles, artist.


Physicians’ Library, 1814-1939 (GD17)

Cataloguing of this collection continues; contains volumes collected at the Hospital for the use of the physicians. The library evolved into the Royal Edinburgh Hospital Medical Library, which was amalgamated with the University of Edinburgh Department of Psychological Medicine, subsequently it became the class library of the Department of Psychiatry.


Plans, c.1890s-1950s (Acc 10/003)

Accrual to collection LHB7; contains plans.


Plan, ephemera and photographs, c.1895-2003 (Acc 13/043)

Accrual to collection LHB7; includes plan of Jordanburn Nerve Clinic and commemorative items from Royal Edinburgh Hospital Bicentenary.


Staff registers, 1972-1992 (Acc 14/015)

Accrual to collection LHB7; contains staff registers for the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and the Thomas Clouston Clinic.


Miscellaneous ephemera, 1886-1957 (Acc 14/031)

Accrual to collection LHB7; includes pamphet on the creation of a new building for private patients (Craig House).


Administration of Physician Superintendents' Library, c.1970s-1990s (Acc 15/002)

Accrual to collection GD17. Administrative papers relating to the contents of the Library and its transfer to LHSA.


'Changing Minds' radio broadcasts, 2013 (Acc 15/003)

Accrual to collection LHB7; digital audio files of the 'Changing Minds' series on BBC Radio Scotland concerning the history and bicentenary of the hospital.


Royal Edinburgh Hospital Facilities Department, c1910s-2010s (Acc 15/010)

Accrual to collection LHB7; contains administrative files and correspondence, framed photographs and plans.


Remotivation Technique images, 1960-1965 (Acc 15/019)

Accrual to collection LHB7; contains digital surrogates of images of remotivation therapies.